Awakened Planet

A Global Awakening

Oneness’s Vision and Mission is to Help Awaken Humanity and End Human Suffering.

Originally sourced from Oneness University, a spiritual school for Awakening in Southern India, the Oneness Phenomena has spread across the globe.  There are communities of conscious-minded people, in many countries around the world, seeking to raise the consciousness of Humanity.  Within the state of Louisiana (USA) there are communities in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Covington, and the greater Gulf Coast area, thus forming Oneness Gulf Coast.  We seek to do our part in helping shift Humanity regionally and globally.

We invite you to be a part. Weekly and monthly we gather to connect and share in a multitude of events and workshops.

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To help further explain, here’s a Q and A from one of the Founders.

“Q: Dear Sri Bhagavan, how can Oneness help individuals and humanity?

A: Sri Bhagavan:  Oneness basically works on individuals. As far as we are concerned, you are the world. And what is happening inside you, is what is creating this world. So if we could change you, then we change the world. It’s all about individual transformation. So, if collectively a large number of individuals transform themselves, then humanity would get transformed. The others need not have to work for it. They would very spontaneously and naturally change. What is required is, a certain group of people, a certain number of people have got to transform themselves. Because we are all connected, this group of people can silently transform the world.”


“The Outer World is a reflection of the Inner World.”  – Sri Amma Bhagavan